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About Altitude Marketing

We’re an integrated marketing agency that starts with the view from 30,000 feet.

About Altitude Marketing: Featured Image

Our award-winning integrated marketing communications team specializes in helping business-to-business companies that operate in complex, highly technical industries. In other words, we’re not like the B2B agencies you’re used to.

In 15 years, we’ve learned a few things.

We know that business-to-business promotion requires a truly integrated marketing agency.

We know that the magic comes from combining marketing strategy with beautiful creative, results-oriented communications and modern automation technology.

We know how to reach hard-to-find audiences in even the slimmest niches, like the life sciences. In other words, we’re the agency that other integrated marketing agencies wish they were.

How an Integrated Marketing Agency Sets You Apart

“Altitude is an integrated marketing agency that really understands the unique needs of technology businesses. They bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table every time we work with them. We’ve even referred our own clients to Altitude.”

Director of Marketing, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of NE Pennsylvania

Altitude is a full-service, integrated marketing agency that puts your company on the map. (Just ask any of our clients who have been acquired over the years.) Our proven methodology ensures that we get smart quickly about highly complex concepts, so we can translate them into meaningful market positioning, compelling brand messaging and lead-driving strategies. The result is a fresh approach that distinguishes your brand in a marketplace that’s cluttered with hard-to-differentiate businesses.

What Integrated B2B Marketing Means

Altitude provides clients with a full suite of integrated digital and traditional marketing services: Strategy. Branding. Messaging. Web design and development. Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and retargeting. Trade shows, social media and public relations. Graphic design and video. Sales support, lead generation and content marketing. Advertising. Marketing automation. Email marketing. Channel support. Analytics. With Altitude, all of your efforts work together, multiplying results and delivering swift, measurable ROI.

Mind map illustration of How integrated marketing works together

Why We’re One of the Best Integrated Marketing Companies

Our model is flexible enough to match the incredibly diverse needs of today’s business-to-business companies. We can serve as your entire integrated marketing department – reporting in at the C-level and driving all aspects of lead generation and market presence – or we can complement the expertise of your own small, in-house marketing team. In all cases, we are completely transparent, fully accountable, and guided by both experience and data.

Realistic Plans for Real-World Marketing Budgets

Altitude Marketing’s strategic plans are realistically founded on actual budget and human resource parameters, as well as internal political and business realities – ensuring success while saving you time and money. We obsess over results. We track, measure, test, refine. We make decisions that are in the best long-term interests of our clients.

Most important, all of our strategic and tactical efforts are based on real business goals, not fake KPIs that only serve to make us look good.

We call that the view from 30,000 feet – and you’ll love it up here.

Let’s Do This.

We help business-to-business brands hit their numbers and grow. Get in touch with our marketing experts and learn why we’re the integrated agency of choice for B2B companies worldwide.